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Hey, everybody.

I’m here to talk with a couple special people, and let you know about their creator.

Tigris Eden is a military brat who's done her fair share of travelling, thanks to her Army father. She's married to the infamous LL and has three boys. She currently resides in Houston and is actively seeking a book-buddy for the end of the world.

You can find Tigris on TwitterFacebook, and at her website.

Tigris is the proud creator of the Shadow UnitNew EarthV VicesStories from BeauvilleRomantic Tales Bedtime Stories, and Arctic Wolves series.

The newest release in her Arctic Wolves series was just released TODAY, so, for the sake of this post (especially since I got to talk with Nerina and Victor) I’m going to spotlight those.

Arctic Bound


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There are secrets in even the smallest of towns...

Nerina Simpson fled the streets of New York City, hoping to find solace outside the small town of Talkeetna, Alaska. Physically scarred from a fire that claimed both her parents, Nerina keeps to herself while she tries to put the darkness of her life behind her.

When a winter storm forces her into town, she collides with Victor Canidae. An arrogant man who makes it no secret that he and everyone else in the town want her to leave.

Headstrong, and refusing to back down, Nerina finds herself in trouble when her two, four legged companions get lost in a storm, landing her in the path of an angry bear hell bent on taking her life. Until a mysterious white wolf comes to her rescue.

When she wakes up in a warm cave, the last person she expected to see is Victor. Stuck in a cave until the storm passes the two decide there is only one way to pass the time, and quickly when you’re getting physical.

***What happens in a cave stays in the cave....Right?***


The Reaping


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The Reaping was supposed to be three trials. Three trials, Victor Canidae had to complete and in doing so–he’d successfully earn Nerina Simpson as his mate.

Three Trials. For him only.

But the Goddess Selene has plans of her own. Plans that are far reaching and affect not only Pack Canidae, but Clan Denali. A concern that has all of the Northern territory pulling out their claws.

The council all agree, Nerina is not the answer, in turn, bringing back insecurities and concerns, Victor thought long buried. But with this new twist in the mix, there’s only three things either of them can do.

Face their fears,

Face each other.

And above all, do not fail.


Sound great, right!? Make sure to check them, and the rest of Tigris’s backlist out right away. She has a little bit for everybody—Contemporary, Sci-Fi, Dystopian, Paranormal…

For the rest of today, though. Let’s see what happened when I met up with the stars of The Reaping when they came to visit south Florida…



I had the rare chance to sit down with Nerina Simpson and Victor Canidae, Alpha and Luna of Pack Canidae. They’d flown into Florida from Alaska. A vacation following their successes with the Reaping and the Trials (more on that later).

Since I was hosting their good friend Tigris Eden on LITERAL ADDICTION, I wanted to sit down and chat with them a bit so Tigris’s fans and readers could learn a little bit more.

Let me recap our wonderful day at my favorite little spot down at Deerfield Beach pier (I figured we’d go to the beach since I’d be spending time with Tigris at the beach in February at the Coastal Magic Convention).



It was a sweltering 85 degrees. Yes, at 8AM, at the end of September. Welcome to south Florida! I woke up early, got ready with much excitement, jumped in the Jeep and made my way about twenty minutes north to the beach.

The morning was perfect, actually. The sun was high in the sky with just the right amount of clouds for some relief; the waves were lapping languorously at the shore, the sound of their advance and retreat almost hypnotic. I lugged the beach chairs and picnic basket out of the Jeep and made my trek to the spot near the pier where I had told the couple I would be waiting for them. They had gotten in the night before and were staying at a hotel just down the road. I told them to take their time coming to me, that I would be waiting for them whenever they arrived. After all, I knew they were still technically new to their love, and I wasn’t about to keep them from enjoying some alone time away from the Packs. If you know what I mean… ;-)

About a half an hour later, around 10AM, I heard feminine laughter and a rumbling male voice to my left. I glanced over and saw a striking couple laughing with each other. The woman pushed the man playfully, and he skipped ahead and swatted her on the ass as she tried to run away. I knew immediately that my guests had arrived.

I stood up and waved, catching Victor’s attention. I had told them that they couldn’t miss me—what with my bright pink hair and all.

The couple linked hands and made their way to where I had set up our conversation spot. The first thing that struck me was how handsome Victor was. Eyes the color of emeralds and chiseled features. Nerina was beautiful. Her eyes were the color of my favorite Jack Daniels, and she had a smile that could light up the coldest corner of the world.

I held out my hand immediately to Nerina and introduced myself.

“Hi, I’m Chelle. I’m so happy you two could make it. Thank you so much for coming to talk with me today! How was your trip?”

“The trip was a little nerve wracking but so worth it! It’s freezing cold in Alaska. The flight was overbooked and because of that, Vic here was a bit of a grump. Can I just say your hair is killer.”

I turned my attention to Victor and held out my hand to him, as well. “Both of you. So good to meet you both. Though I guess you’re a ‘both’—or is that a many—yourself.” I laughed. “Tell Menes I said ‘hi.'” The man carried a Warrior inside of him along with his wolf. He was a very complex male…

“Hi, Chelle. Menes extends his greeting as well.”

I waved the couple to the chairs I had set up in the sand. “Please, have a seat. Would you like a mimosa? I brought mimosas, some fresh fruit, and some killer Cuban pastries.”

Nerina looked over at Victor with a grin on her face. “Chelle, I would love a drink. Vic here probably won’t partake, as you can see he’s already scanning, looking for suspects. He’s crabby that way.”

Neri, I’m not crabby, and I’ll take some of the pastries, Red, my mate here likes exaggerate the state of play. I’ve got eyes on the beach.”

I grinned to myself. Red. He’d given me a nickname. I loved it!

We sat down, I poured us some drinks, handed out the guava pastries, and we just took a moment to sit in comfortable silence while we enjoyed the weather and the treats.

“I really do appreciate you taking time out of your vacation to talk with me. I know my readers will be thrilled to hear some more about you guys.”

Victor grunted. “This was a forced vacation. We have a lot going on back home.” His face softened as he looked over at Nerina. “But, Neri’s right, we needed to come. It’s a way to remind us exactly what we’re fighting for.' 

Nerina nodded in agreement, and continued to sip from her drink. “This totally hit the spot!”

“So, I know a little bit from Tigris, but how did you two meet?”

“Well, I was minding my own business, or at least trying to. I was in hiding,” Nerina said as she took another sip of her drink. “My father, as you know, is the crime boss of the Civiti family, and just so happens to be the OG Vampire of lore, or Hunters as we call them. Anyway, Vic and I had instant dislike towards each other, and some serious attraction. I’d like to blame it on isolation. Being cooped up on that mountain for six months, and then seeing this tall drink of water, what’s a girl to do right? But wrong. He was a rude, arrogant, bastard. So I had to put him in his place.”

Victor had the workings of a grin on his face.

Neri, your story is filled with holes. You forget I saved you from a bear attack.”

“Yeah, a bear attack where you sequestered me away in a cave, and then had your way with me.”

Victor eyed Nerina with an arch in his brow. “Woman, I don’t recall you complaining at all. Red, the thing is, my kind are very selective when it comes to picking mates, and I was already set to be mated to someone else. That obviously changed once Neri came into the picture, and it took a lot to get past those hurdles, and since I am of three minds, literally, when all three clicked, it was a done deal. Menes wanted her, I wanted her, and my wolf wanted her. Anything before or after that is moot.”

“Yeah, that’s pretty much the way of it. He didn’t want to like me, and I didn’t want to like him, but it worked out in the end, and I have an almost mauling to thank for that. It’s not every day a couple can say if it wasn’t for that bear almost killing me, we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

Nerina leaned over to whisper to me, even though Victor could hear.

“Because, let me tell you, had that bear not attacked me, I wouldn’t have anything to do with Mr. Bossy over there.”

“Well, that’s not something you hear every day, is it?” I laughed. “Tigris mentioned to me the other day when we talked that you two just went through quite the harrowing experience. The Reaping and the Trials of Selene? What was that all about?”

“Can I take this one?” Nerina asked her mate.

Victor nodded.

“Okay, well, I can’t get into too much detail as that would be giving you a lot more insight than what the Pack would want an outsider to know, but basically it’s like this. The Trial of Selene is a test for the Luna to see if she’s worthy to bear the Silverback Alpha. There has only been one Silverback, and I’ve been chosen to bear the second. If I had to compare it to something, it would be like going into a mad house and coming out intact with your senses. There is one kicker, though—if I had died in the trial, I would have died in real life. Which almost became a reality when I had to literally fight for my life. Totally sucked ass to hear that, but, I wasn’t about to let the Council have their way. The other benefit of the Trials, is that I now have a direct link to the goddess, Selene. Which in a way is pretty fucking cool!”

Nerina took another sip of her drink and stole a bite of Victor’s pastry.

“As for the Reaping, same thing, but for Victor, he also had to endure the Alpha Strain, which you’re supposed to fight, and or kill for. It’s a way to show dominance to the Pack, as in their world, only the strongest can lead. I kind of screwed that part up for him, but it all worked out in the end. We both had three tests—facing ourselves, each other, and our fears. I think for Victor, it was harder, because one of his biggest fears was me and what I was, and what I’ve now become. For me, it was accepting myself as is and being comfortable in my own skin. Oh, and Vic would have died to if he’d not successfully completed the Reaping. He totally was ready to throw down with the Pack for me. “

“Geez, you two are lucky to be alive. I certainly wouldn’t mess with a goddess and a pack of angry wolves. But your love is evident. It’s apparent you would literally walk through hell and back for each other. That’s amazing.”

“It was a cluster, but I can see how that could seem amazing. It was dangerous, and for a moment there I will fully admit to how lost I felt. I think Menes is the only one that stayed the course.” Victor commented, grabbing onto Nerina’s hand.

“Ah, Vic, you’re getting mushy again.” Nerina smiled.

“How has life changed for the two of you now that you’re Alpha, Victor, and now that you’re a Hybrid, Nerina?”

“Still the same, but with a little more control. The Pack members are falling into line. There are still some who are skeptical, but they wouldn’t dare go against something decreed by Selene. Nerina is still finding that Pack politics can be a difficult road to traverse.”

Nerina interrupted. “Difficult? Try crazy! Chelle, we live in a mountain. A mountain! People are so close, I don’t’ even know what privacy is anymore. The children are great, but their mothers can be a pain in the ass, with all their questions. Some have even approached me about being second mate to Victor. Like, are you freaking kidding me!”

“It’s a social custom, Neri, and I already warned you that could happen.”

“Social custom my ass, they just want in on what’s mine. I swear, if I didn’t trust Victor, I’d be pulling my hair out. On the other hand, the Hybrid part is a bit tricky, Hunter’s blood and Werewolf blood are not compatible, so there are times when I don’t have a close grip on myself that the two will literally war with each other. Sometimes I even think I’m developing multiple personalities. But when I let go, well it’s a thing of beauty. Right before we left, a couple of days ago, the women all went out hunting in their wolf form. Well, I can’t turn into a wolf, but I do get some of the attributes, and it was freeing being able to run that fast and separate the smells from one another. Hunters hone in on blood the beating of someone’s heart. They get high off of fear, sex, adrenaline. Wolves hone in on everything. A way prey moves, how they run, all the different smells have an emotion tied to them. I was the one leading the females, and it was exhilarating and freeing, both sides of me were symbiotic. One destination, one outcome. Perfect.”

“Are you two ready to start a family right away, or are you going to wait a bit and let being Alpha and Luna of Pack Canidae sink in for a while and enjoy each other before you grow your family?”

“I wish I could say that we were waiting, but we’re on a time table to produce the next Silverback. Which is why this vacation couldn’t have come at a better time. It will give us the privacy we need to accomplish this goal, without everyone under the mountain knowing when we get it on.” Nerina said, truly annoyed at the fact that everyone could hear them when they made love.

“Okay, I know that Tigris has just written the story about your experiences with the Reaping for the two of you, so I don’t want to ruin too much for her readers. What do you guys say we do some fun questions?”

“Go for it.” Victor said.

“I’m game.” Nerina answered.

“What do the two of you love most about each other?”

“I love the way Victor cares for me.”

Victor looked at Nerina then and smiled. “I’ll always care for you, Neri. I love the way she says what’s on her mind. She never holds anything back.”

“What’s your biggest pet peeve about one another?”

“She’s stubborn.”

“He can be an asshole.”

They said at the same time.

“If you could pair match-make for anyone in the Packs, who would you want to set up and what kind of significant other would you want for them and why?”

“That’s easy! I would want to set up Colin, he’s such a ladies man! I want to see him knocked on his ass by love… Maybe even pair him with one of the females from Pack Sitka so Nanet would shut her mouth!”

Victor shook his head with laughter. Neri, Colin is a breeder, it’s very rare for them to settle down, love. I’d like to see Blue settled down. He seriously needs to get laid, like yesterday. He’s strung so tight. He’s going batshit crazy now that he can’t be at his club.”

“If you could choose one word that describes your relationship, what would it be?”

“Spicy.” Nerina said, smiling wickedly at Victor.

“Unfailing.” Victor said with a hint of a growl as the word fell from his mouth.

“I know you guys are only here for another couple of days. What’s waiting for you when you back to Alaska?”

“A hot ass mess, Chelle, that’s what’s waiting for us. Thorn is in charge since we’re on our little vacation. I’m sure people are going to be throwing all kinds of fingers at us for even taking this trip. We still have to deal with dear old dad, who I know will come out of the wood works with some new scheme on how he can lay waste to all of us to get what he wants.”

Victor interrupted. “We have a lot of things we need to accomplish when we get back, but it will be dealt with, one issue at a time. The first thing I intend to tackle is getting us off the mountain and back in town. It will take some doing, but it will happen.”

“Amen to that!” Nerina piped in.

“Is there anything that you want to make sure I tell my readers about you or the Clan or the Packs while I have you here today?”

Nerina laughed. “Yeah, be sure to stop by and visit with Tigris and the rest of the amazing authors at Coastal Magic! They’re awesome! A huge shout out to Pam for winning Bites at the Beach!

“Is there anything you want me to tell Tigris the next time I talk to her?”

“Nope, Tigris is going to do what she does, although, I would like to tell her to next time choose a warmer climate, like oh, say, FLORIDA to drop a sister off at to hide from her lunatic Uncle and her not so dead father!”

Victor looked at Nerina and growled.

“I live in Alaska, Neri.”

“Yeah, but Tigris would have written about us in Florida instead, where it’s, oh, I don’t know, WARMER!”

“Alaska is fine with me Tigris; you can tell her that for me, Red."

The interview had gone better than I ever could have imagined and I was beaming from ear to ear. I turned my smile towards my new friends.

“Thank you both again. So much. You have no idea how much it means to be to have been able to sit down with you today. I really, really hope that you come back to Florida again sometime soon. Or maybe I’ll fly to Texas and you guys can fly in there so we can hang out with Tigris. I hope that you enjoy the rest of your vacation. Anything special planned?”

“Quiet time for me and Neri. That’s all we’re here for.”

“Sounds great to me!”

We finished the rest of the mimosas and just sat and enjoyed the surf and sun for a while until I had to leave to get some editing done. I didn’t want to cramp the happy couple’s style either. As I mentioned earlier, romance on the beach was something Nerina, Victor (and Menes) deserved! So I headed out and left them to enjoy their day, knowing that I had made two very good friends. I couldn’t wait to tell Tigris about my date on the beach with the Luna and Alpha.

Do you want to meet Tigris in person? You can! You can! You can meet tons of other amazing UF and PNR authors, LITERAL ADDICTION's officers and other well known featured bloggers, and loads of fellow book addicts and paranormal junkies at the Coastal Magic Convention in Daytona Beach, FL Feb 4-7 2016.

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I'll gift a copy of Arctic Bound to a lucky winner so you can read it before you jump into The Reaping. To enter, just fill out the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!

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Hello my Literal Addicts!

I am very happy to be promoting for the fabulous Alex Hughes once again today. This time, to celebrate and promote the fourth installment of her MINDSPACE INVESTIGATIONS series, Vacant. 

Alex Hughes, the author of the award-winning Mindspace Investigations series from Roc, has lived in the Atlanta area since the age of eight. Her short fiction has been published in several markets including EveryDay Fiction, Thunder on the Battlefield and White Cat Magazine. She is an avid cook and foodie, a trivia buff, and a science geek, and loves to talk about neuroscience, the Food Network, and writing craft—but not necessarily all at the same time! For all the latest news and free short stories, join Alex’s email list at

Keep up with Alex online at her Website, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on GoodReads!




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Nothing ruins a romantic evening like a brawl with lowlifes—especially when one of them later turns up dead and my date, Detective Isabella Cherabino, is the #1 suspect. My history with the Atlanta PD on both sides of the law makes me an unreliable witness, so while Cherabino is suspended, I’m paying my bills by taking an FBI gig. 

I’ve been hired to play telepathic bodyguard for Tommy, the ten-year-old son of a superior court judge in Savannah presiding over the murder trial of a mob-connected mogul. After an attempt on the kid’s life, the Feds believe he’s been targeted by the businessman’s “associates.”

Turns out, Tommy’s a nascent telepath, so I’m trying to help him get a handle on his Ability. But it doesn’t take a mind reader to see that there’s something going on with this kid’s parents that’s stressing him out more than a death threat…

For those of you not yet familiar with Alex’s MINDSPACE INVESTIGATION series yet, I thought I'd give you some information on the rest of the series, as well:

Rabbit Trick


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Open Mind

When the cops call me in the middle of the night, I know it’s bad. One of their own is dead, strangled in her car by a professional killer, and it’s up to me, telepath consultant extraordinaire, to pull the rabbit out of my hat and solve the case. Only this time I’m not so sure I can.

Homicide Detective Isabella Cherabino is breathing down my neck. The dead cop’s partner is too. And now, the worst—there was a five-year-old kid in the car, a kid no one can find.


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I used to work for the Telepath’s Guild before they kicked me out for a drug habit that wasn’t entirely my fault. Now I work for the cops, helping Homicide Detective Isabella Cherabino put killers behind bars. My ability to get inside the twisted minds of suspects makes me the best interrogator in the department. But the normals keep me on a short leash. When the Tech Wars ripped the world apart, the Guild stepped up to save it. But they had to get scary to do it—real scary. Now the cops don’t trust the telepaths, the Guild doesn’t trust me, a serial killer is stalking the city—and I’m aching for a fix. But I need to solve this case. Fast. I’ve just had a vision of the future: I’m the next to die.


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Being a telepath, I should have seen the hell I was getting myself into…
I used to be one of the most powerful telepaths in the guild. That was before my drug addiction and before they kicked me out. But I’m not a bad guy. Now I help the Atlanta PD solve murders. And even though there are only a few people I call friends, I’d do most anything to keep their trust.
So when a judge asks me to help investigate a missing college kid, I’m down for it. No questions asked. No problem. But in this dark world, things are never easy and a favor is never just a favor. Turns out, politicians don’t like being murder suspects. And it’s bad to anger someone with more power than you. I thought I had nothing to lose… I was wrong.


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As a Level Eight telepath, I am the best police interrogator in the department. But I’m not a cop—I never will be—and my only friend on the force, Homicide Detective Isabella Cherabino, is avoiding me because of a telepathic link I created by accident.
And I might not even be an interrogator for much longer. Our boss says unless I pull out a miracle, I’ll be gone before Christmas. I need this job, damn it. It’s the only thing keeping me sane.
Parts for illegal Tech—the same parts used to bring the world to its knees in the Tech Wars sixty years ago—are being hijacked all over the city. Plus Cherbino’s longtime nemesis, a cop killer, has resurfaced with a vengeance. If I can stay alive long enough, I just might be able to prove my worth, once and for all…


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Freelancing for the Atlanta PD isn’t exactly a secure career; my job’s been on the line almost as much as my life. But it’s a paycheck, and it keeps me from falling back into the drug habit. Plus, things are looking up with my sometimes-partner, Cherabino, even if she is still simmering over the telepathic Link I created by accident.
When my ex, Kara, shows up begging for my help, I find myself heading to the last place I ever expected to set foot in again—Guild headquarters—to investigate the death of her uncle. Joining that group was a bad idea the first time. Going back when I’m unwanted is downright dangerous.
Luckily, the Guild needs me more than they’re willing to admit. Kara’s uncle was acting strange before he died—crazy strange. In fact, his madness seems to be slowly spreading through the Guild. And when an army of powerful telepaths loses their marbles, suddenly it’s a game of life or death.…

Curiosity piqued!? I don't blame you. I really enjoy this series and can't wait to find time to read more. Now, how about we get to the fun stuff? For today, I have an interview between Alex and Isabella Cherabino, the heroine of the MINDSPACE INVESTIGATIONS Series...


Character Interview with Isabella Cherabino (the third)

By Alex Hughes

This spring, I ran through CareerBuilder’s list of top job interview questions with my character Isabella Cherabino, to see how she would answer. I recently found this third installment in a file, and realized I had never published it. So, enjoy.

Background: this interview is set is two weeks after the previous installment of the interview. Unfortunately, before I was quite halfway through the list, she was called away to an emergency task force meeting, and I was forced to reschedule. And then, again, after a murder case turned. Here’s our third interview. You’ll notice I’m a bit more annoyed with my character the third time around.

A: Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to see me.

C: Ms. Hughes, while I am always happy to do a favor for a person who gives me case-solving clues, I would highly suggest you speak to me in a reasonable tone. I don’t have to do this, you know. The department isn’t paying me to answer your questions.

A: (takes breath) Point taken. I just have four more questions from my list to ask. Just four. Do you think you can answer them please?

C: I’ll see what I can do. As with our other visits, however, if a work crisis comes up, I need to take care of that. And Branen has talked to me about spending as much time as I have with you, so this needs to be our last meeting for a while.

A: You realize I’m your author?

C: I don’t see that this has any bearing on the realities of my work situation.

A: (sighs) Fine. Four more questions. In what ways do you raise the bar for yourself and others around you?

C: We don’t just do this for ourselves. We track down killers so we can get the families justice. They—and the victims—deserve the highest standards, and I’ve been very clear about that to everyone I work with. If it means we work another few hours to get it right, that’s what it means. This doesn’t just mean getting the paperwork right. It means showing up at the crime scene and any other situation with full attention, ready to notice and remember everything. It means putting your emotions aside while you’re there so you can represent the victim, so you can solve this case. If you can’t do that, you shouldn’t be there. I’ve traded cases with other detectives more than once to make sure anyone who shows up at that scene, or talking to that family, can be fully present. Occasionally I’ve asked someone to do that for me, when I have a migraine. The victims and the families deserve our best, and I intend to give it to them.

A: That’s admirable.

C: It’s the truth.

A: Tell me about two memorable projects, one success and one failure. What did you learn from that success and that failure?

C: That’s a long-winded question. I’ll try to be brief in my response. The success would have to be the month that I closed sixteen cases and processed another four to a place where I could close them later. That took the concerted effort of a lot of people, and I learned that getting help from unexpected personnel—including Andrew, our forensic accountant—can really help speed up the process of solving a case without compromising standards and without working so many hours I miss things. As for the failure, well, there’s a case of a murdered licensed prostitute from early in my career as a detective that I will never forget. I thought I had to do everything myself—even the evidence processing, if you can believe it—and I missed a clue. By the time I circled back on the third review of the case, the suspect had left the state, and we never got him. That case—and my other failures—remind me that I’m human like everybody else. Sometimes hard work isn’t good enough, not by itself.

A: What unique experience or qualifications separate you from other people doing the same job?

C: I have the highest close rate in the department, and I have for several years now. I work harder and longer than almost everyone else here, but I also get help from unexpected sources. I can work with our resident telepath and get good results despite his personality flaws. I can get fast results from other support personnel in the department. And I’ve built up some solid experience in the last years on cases. I’m starting to see and feel patterns in the crimes, and that only comes from working the cases.

A: Where do you see yourself in five years?

C: Further up the job ladder at the department. By then, Michael should be senior enough to work his own cases, and Adam will hopefully be a full-timer. Maybe if I’m lucky and I work hard, I’ll get a team to solve a special projects unit. I’d like that.

A: Well, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but that’s all the questions I had. Thanks for bearing with me and answering them.

C: No problem. Unless there’s anything else…?

A: You’re wanting to leave to go back to work, aren’t you?

C: Yes.

A: (sighs) Go on.

Wait!! There's more,.. In addition to fun blog posts, interviews, and exclusive excerpts going on during this tour, fans also have a chance to solve a mystery during the month-long VACANT event! A “Clue-like” checklist is available to download from the author’s blog, to be marked off as readers visit stops along the tour schedule. Somewhere on participating blog posts will be clues (clearly marked) that will eliminate specific “Location”, “Weapon”, or “Suspect” options. At the end of the tour, a rafflecopter entry form will help Alex choose a grand prize winner amongst all who correctly guess “who dunnit?” based on the remaining options. There will also be individual blog giveaways forprint, digital, and audio copies of Mindspace Investigations novels.

Blog Tour Schedule:

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Dec 21st - Literary Escapism

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In addition to all of that fun stuff, Alex is offering up an AUDIOBOOK of Clean (book #1) to a winner in the US/UK/Can. 

To enter, leave a comment HERE between today (12/21) and 12/23 and let me know what you think of the MINDSPACE INVESTIGATIONS series. Please also include your email address. Entries without an email address will not be eligible. 

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Hey everybody, LITERAL ADDICTION is happy to be promoting for Lia Davis again today.

Lia Davis is the author of the bestselling shifter series, Ashwood Falls, a mother to two young adults and three kitties, a wife to her soul mate, and co-owner to Fated Desires Publishing, LLC. She and her family live in Northeast Florida battling hurricanes and very humid summers. But it’s her home and she loves it!

An accounting major, Lia has always been a dreamer with a very active imagination. The wheels in her head never stop. She ventured into the world of writing and publishing in 2008 and loves it more than she imagined. Writing is stress reliever that allows her to go off in her corner of the house and enter into another world that she created, leaving real life where it belongs.

Her favorite things are spending time with family, traveling, reading, writing, chocolate, coffee, nature and hanging out with her kitties.

Keep up with Lia online at her Website, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Pinterest, and on GoodReads.

I'm here today to tell you all about Lia's new book from the Decadent ROAR line, Imperfect Mate:

Imperfect Mate


Add to your GoodReads Shelf

Buy from Amazon / B&N / ARe / Kobo

For tiger-shifter, Samira Anderson, leaving home for the first time to attend Harmony University should unnerve her. She’s never submitted to the fear of a challenge and doesn’t plan to start now. Meeting her dorm mates and touring the campus excites her and her cat. Although when she meets Gavin Stone, she’s not only nervous around him but fears she might lose the tight control she has over her tiger.

After a bad break up with his high school sweetheart, Gavin has no intentions of repeating past mistakes. Or so he thought until he sees the beautiful, smart, Samira at the dorm welcome party. Drawn to her like no other, he can’t stay away or shake the feeling Sam isn’t telling him everything.

When he discovers her secrets, a whole new world opens to him, filled with danger, unknown possibilities, and a passion so intense it could last many lifetimes.

If any more people piled into the dorm, Sam was going to scream. The ground floor of the house was elbow to elbow. She couldn’t walk to the bathroom without feeling like the ball in a pinball machine. The human-shifter ratio was fifty to one.

Sam quickly learned humans were pretty clueless to their surroundings—at least this crowd of students were anyway.

“I hate crowds,” Jesse spoke softly beside her.

“Me, too.” And parties where underage humans drink and play the music too loud.

Camile had handed her and Jesse earplugs, but they only helped to muffle the noise. A headache had moved in, and Sam was ready to crawl out of her skin. Literally. Her tiger begged to go for a run, go find that stream she heard when she’d arrived that morning.

Suddenly, an odd awareness drew her attention to the entrance. Three guys stood in the doorway. One of them looked about as thrilled to be there as she felt. Poor guy. He stood by the door, his hands shoved in pockets as he scanned the room with a frown on his lips. Sam couldn’t get a read on his emotions from so far away, but she could tell he’d rather be doing something else. His friends probably dragged him away from his video game.

He had dark hair that barely covered his ears, but his bangs fell in his eyes in a sexy kind of way. His wire-rimmed glasses kept sliding down his nose. Scanning down to his broad shoulders under a deep purple button down, she grew more intrigued by the human. Something about him called to her.

Jesse’s cool fingers brushed her hand, drawing her attention away for the human to glance at her friend. The leopard lowered her eyes and withdrew her hand. Sam sighed and covered the female’s hand and gently squeezed. Submissives weren’t normally so timid, but Jesse was the poster girl for the word.

“What is it?”

“He’s cute.” She blushed and glanced to where the new guy stood.

Sam smiled. “Yes, he is, and very human.”

As if sensing her watching him, he lifted his lashes and stared right at her. Her pulse spiked while her tiger purred. When he started to advance toward them, Jesse tensed slightly, but Sam paid it no mind. She was too focused on the guy who held her captivated.

When he stopped at the table, she nearly groaned when his cedar-and-mint scent flowed around her, alluring and intoxicating. Damn, she wanted to bury her nose into his neck and bite—

“Hello, I’m Gavin.” He held out his hand.

“What? Oh.” Sam shook his hand and suppressed the urge to purr as some kind of electrical current passed through the connection. What the hell was that?

Sounds good, yes!? For the rest of today, let's meet the hero of Imperfect Mate:

Meet Gavin from Imperfect Mate...

Gavin Stone is a sophomore at Harmony University. He’s also human and a little geeky. Since his long term high school girlfriend broke his heart the last thing he was looking for was another commitment. He buried himself into his studies and avoided the dating scene until he meet Samira at a dorm welcome party. The passion between them was too many to deny.


Name: Gavin Stone

Hair color: brown

Eye color: brown

Height: 6’2”

Degree working for: He’s majoring in mechanical engineering with a minor in chemistry

Story told in: Imperfect Mate

I’m so thrilled to be part of this new Decadent line, ROAR, and excited about the release of Imperfect Mate. I can’t wait to get started on the next book in the series.



$15 gift card and book.

Domestic will receive a $15 Amazon or B&N gift card and a signed paperback of choice from Lia's backlist.

International will receive a $15 (USD) Paypal gift card and an eBook of choice from Lia's backlist.

To enter, find the Rafflecopter widget below, follow the directions, take action, and mark as 'Done'.

Good luck, and as always... HAPPY READING!

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