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[ARCHIVE] Spotlight and Giveaway for Alyssa Day_10.29.14



Spotlight and Giveaway


Alyssa Day

Hello everybody!

NYT Bestselling Author Alyssa Day has a Halloween “treat” for fans of her The Warriors of Poseidon series. HALLOWEEN IN ATLANTIS, a novelette addition to the series, releases on October 29th!

Alyssa Day is the pen name (and dark and tortured alter ego) of RITA award-winning author Alesia Holliday. As Alyssa, she writes the New York Times and USA Today best-selling Warriors of Poseidon, League of the Black Swan, and Cardinal Witches series, and won RT BookClub’s Reviewers’ Choice award for Best Paranormal Romance of 2012. She graduated summa cum laude from Capital University Law School and practiced as a trial lawyer in multi-million dollar litigation for several years before coming to her senses and letting the voices in her head loose on paper. Please visit Alyssa at

You can also follow her online at Facebook, Twitter, and on GoodReads.

Halloween in Altantis

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Now that Atlantis has finally risen to take its place on the world stage, the Atlantean warriors are having to face some new and interesting dangers — like Halloween parties.
Arrogant warrior Liam doesn’t understand the beautiful, bubbly human whose entire function in life appears to be to plan parties, but he can’t seem to keep away from her, either. Jamie, who considers herself to be completely unflappable—the hallmark of a great event planner—doesn’t understand why the far-too-serious Atlantean manages to get under her skin with every single encounter. Even if he is the sexiest man she has ever seen.
When the two of them are thrown together to solve a mystery surrounding the queen’s missing jewels, sparks fly, secrets are revealed, and Halloween has never been hotter.
This novelette (longer than a short story, shorter than a novella) is perfect for reading on a coffee break - or in between handing out candy to trick-or treaters.

Release Blog Tour Dates & Contests…

Each blog on the release tour for HALLOWEEN IN ATLANTIS, has treats for it’s readers! Check out each stop for promotional info, guest posts, interviews, excerpts, and chances to win a $5 online giftcard and a copy of Alyssa’s ALEJANDRO’S SORCERESS. (Contests open INT)

Wednesday, October 29th
I Smell Sheep
MamaKitty’s Reviews
Literal Addiction
The Delighted Reader
Vampire Book Club

Thursday, October 30th
Literary Escapism
Book Lovin’ Mamas
Coffee, Books, Life Blog
Reading Between The Wines
Romancing The Dark Side

Friday, October 31st
Bitten By Love Reviews
My Favorite Things
The Reading Café
Love Romance Tales
Books Make Me Happy

To enter the contest, leave a comment here between now and 11/3. For additional entries, use the Rafflecopter widget on our Book Blasts & More Page to mark the comment as done and then do some extras on Twitter.

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[Archive] Spotlight, Review, and Author Ambush with D.B Reynolds10.27.14



Spotlight, Review, and Author Ambush


D.B Reynolds

Posted 4 days ago

[Archive] Spotlight, Cover Reveal and Giveaway for Molle McGregor_10.25.14



Spotlight, Cover Reveal and Giveaway


Molle McGregor

Posted 6 days ago

[Archive] Spotlight, Review, Excerpt and Giveaway for Ryan Hill_10.24.14



Spotlight, Review, Excerpt and Giveaway


Ryan Hill

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[Archive] Spotlight, Sale Notice and Giveaway for Stacey Kennedy_10.20.14



Spotlight, Sale Notice and Giveaway


Stacey Kennedy

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[Archive] Spotlight, Excerpt, Character Profile, Giveaway and CMC15 Promo for Lia Davis_10.20.14



Spotlight, Excerpt, Character Profile, Giveaway and Coastal Magic Convention 2015 Promo


Lia Davis

Hey everybody, LITERAL ADDICTION is happy to be promoting for Lia Davis again today.
Lia Davis is the author of the bestselling shifter series, Ashwood Falls, a mother to two young adults and three kitties, a wife to her soul mate, and co-owner to Fated Desires Publishing, LLC. She and her family live in Northeast Florida battling hurricanes and very humid summers. But it’s her home and she loves it!

An accounting major, Lia has always been a dreamer with a very active imagination. The wheels in her head never stop. She ventured into the world of writing and publishing in 2008 and loves it more than she imagined. Writing is stress reliever that allows her to go off in her corner of the house and enter into another world that she created, leaving real life where it belongs.

Her favorite things are spending time with family, traveling, reading, writing, chocolate, coffee, nature and hanging out with her kitties.
Keep up with Lia online at her Website, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Pinterest, and on GoodReads.

I’m here today to tell you all about Lia’s new book from the Decadent ROAR line, Imperfect Mate:

Imperfect Mate

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For tiger-shifter, Samira Anderson, leaving home for the first time to attend Harmony University should unnerve her. She’s never submitted to the fear of a challenge and doesn’t plan to start now. Meeting her dorm mates and touring the campus excites her and her cat. Although when she meets Gavin Stone, she’s not only nervous around him but fears she might lose the tight control she has over her tiger.

After a bad break up with his high school sweetheart, Gavin has no intentions of repeating past mistakes. Or so he thought until he sees the beautiful, smart, Samira at the dorm welcome party. Drawn to her like no other, he can’t stay away or shake the feeling Sam isn’t telling him everything.

When he discovers her secrets, a whole new world opens to him, filled with danger, unknown possibilities, and a passion so intense it could last many lifetimes.

If any more people piled into the dorm, Sam was going to scream. The ground floor of the house was elbow to elbow. She couldn’t walk to the bathroom without feeling like the ball in a pinball machine. The human-shifter ratio was fifty to one.
Sam quickly learned humans were pretty clueless to their surroundings—at least this crowd of students were anyway.
“I hate crowds,” Jesse spoke softly beside her.
“Me, too.” And parties where underage humans drink and play the music too loud.
Camile had handed her and Jesse earplugs, but they only helped to muffle the noise. A headache had moved in, and Sam was ready to crawl out of her skin. Literally. Her tiger begged to go for a run, go find that stream she heard when she’d arrived that morning.
Suddenly, an odd awareness drew her attention to the entrance. Three guys stood in the doorway. One of them looked about as thrilled to be there as she felt. Poor guy. He stood by the door, his hands shoved in pockets as he scanned the room with a frown on his lips. Sam couldn’t get a read on his emotions from so far away, but she could tell he’d rather be doing something else. His friends probably dragged him away from his video game.
He had dark hair that barely covered his ears, but his bangs fell in his eyes in a sexy kind of way. His wire-rimmed glasses kept sliding down his nose. Scanning down to his broad shoulders under a deep purple button down, she grew more intrigued by the human. Something about him called to her.
Jesse’s cool fingers brushed her hand, drawing her attention away for the human to glance at her friend. The leopard lowered her eyes and withdrew her hand. Sam sighed and covered the female’s hand and gently squeezed. Submissives weren’t normally so timid, but Jesse was the poster girl for the word.
“What is it?”
“He’s cute.” She blushed and glanced to where the new guy stood.
Sam smiled. “Yes, he is, and very human.”
As if sensing her watching him, he lifted his lashes and stared right at her. Her pulse spiked while her tiger purred. When he started to advance toward them, Jesse tensed slightly, but Sam paid it no mind. She was too focused on the guy who held her captivated.
When he stopped at the table, she nearly groaned when his cedar-and-mint scent flowed around her, alluring and intoxicating. Damn, she wanted to bury her nose into his neck and bite—
“Hello, I’m Gavin.” He held out his hand.
“What? Oh.” Sam shook his hand and suppressed the urge to purr as some kind of electrical current passed through the connection. What the hell was that?

Sounds good, yes!? For the rest of today, let’s meet the hero of Imperfect Mate:

Meet Gavin from Imperfect Mate…
Gavin Stone is a sophomore at Harmony University. He’s also human and a little geeky. Since his long term high school girlfriend broke his heart the last thing he was looking for was another commitment. He buried himself into his studies and avoided the dating scene until he meet Samira at a dorm welcome party. The passion between them was too many to deny.

Name: Gavin Stone
Hair color: brown
Eye color: brown
Height: 6’2”
Degree working for: He’s majoring in mechanical engineering with a minor in chemistry
Story told in: Imperfect Mate

I’m so thrilled to be part of this new Decadent line, ROAR, and excited about the release of Imperfect Mate. I can’t wait to get started on the next book in the series.

Wait, before you go… Do you want to meet Lia in person? You can! You can meet Lia, tons of other amazing UF and PNR authors, LITERAL ADDICTION’s officers and other well known featured bloggers, and loads of fellow book addicts and paranormal junkies at the Coastal Magic Convention in Daytona Beach, FL Feb 5-8 2015.

Coastal Magic is a super casual, urban fantasy and paranormal romance focused convention in Daytona. With panels designed to start interesting discussion, and meet & greets with fun themes, we’ve got something for every fan. Join us for reader, blogger, and author shenanigans, and lots of “supernatural” inspired activities. Saturday’s charity book sale and signing is open to convention attendees, and FREE to the public. Come take a bite out of the beach with us!! Feb 5-8, 2015. Registration opened 7/1/14, so get your ticket HERE.

Keep up with all things Coastal Magic at the Website / Facebook Page / Facebook Event / Twitter / Pinterest

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[Archive] Spotlight, Review, Interview, CMC15 Promo and Giveaway with Jenna Black_10.18.14



Spotlight, Review, Interview, Coastal Magic Convention Promo and Giveaway


Jenna Black

Hey everyone!

LITERAL ADDICTION is thrilled to welcome the amazing Jenna Black back to the site today, 10/18/14.

Jenna Black is your typical writer. Which means she’s an “experience junkie.” She got her BA in physical anthropology and French from Duke University.

Once upon a time, she dreamed she would be the next Jane Goodall, camping in the bush making fabulous discoveries about primate behavior. Then, during her senior year at Duke, she did some actual research in the field and made this shocking discovery: primates spend something like 80% of their time doing such exciting things as sleeping and eating.

Concluding that this discovery was her life’s work in the field of primatology, she then moved on to such varied pastimes as grooming dogs and writing technical documentation. Among her other experiences …
• Ballroom dancing.
• Traveling all seven continents. Yes, even Antarctica.
• Becoming a Life Master in Bridge.
• Singing in a barbershop chorus.

Keep up with Jenna online at her Website, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on GoodReads.


I highly suggestion checking out her entire backlist (I’m a Jenna Black fangirl!), but for today, I’m going to tell you about her new release The Gifted Dead and the REPLICA series to get you all ready for its final installment in November…

The Gifted Dead
GIFTED Book #1

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Buy an AUTOGRAPHED Print Version

Politics and magic make dangerous bedfellows.

Deep within the Order, the seeds of corruption have taken root. While younger generations of the Gifted have embraced modern democratic values, a secret society of old-guard zealots seek a return to the past, when only European men of distinguished bloodlines held power.

Now, three venerable European families and a maverick American each plot to seize control of the Order and shape it to their will. A cutthroat game of political intrigue will decide the winner; and the stakes couldn’t be higher, for ruling the Order carries with it the power to grant—or deny—an afterlife.
What begins as a battle of wills could turn into an all-out war. And magic could prove deadlier than any missile.

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION’s Pack Alpha - Chelle:
*Copy gifted in exchange for an honest review

Oh what a tangled web we weave….

Jenna Black joins the masterful prose I am so fond of with a thrilling new concept that takes the whole 6 degrees of separation concept and pairs it with some heavy duty political intrigue, all bundled up with some very cool preternatural world building for a book that most definitely pleased!

I was told that The Gifted Dead and the GIFTED series were Game of Thrones meets House of Cards and I can kind of see that with regards to the tie ins of the characters and the intrigue and deception rampant throughout.

Interesting protagonists, baleful antagonists, an interesting and complex world with plenty of room for growth and engaging prose make for a book that I was very happy I had the chance to enjoy. I definitely recommend The Gifted Dead for urban fantasy and mystery readers looking for something new and interesting and I can’t wait to see where Jenna takes this new endeavor…


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Breathtaking new YA SF from the author of the Faeriewalker series

Sixteen-year-old Nadia Lake comes from a high-class Executive family in the Corporate States. Her marriage has been arranged with the most powerful family in her state, which means she lives a life of privilege but also of public scrutiny, followed everywhere by photographers, every detail of her private life tabloid fodder. But her future is assured, as long as she can maintain her flawless public image — no easy feat when your betrothed is a notorious playboy.

Nathan Hayes is the heir of Paxco — controller of the former state of New York, and creator of human replication technology, science that every state and every country in the world would kill to have. Though Nadia and Nate aren’t in love, they’ve grown up close, and they (and the world) are happy enough with their match.

Until Nate turns up dead, and as far as everyone knows, Nadia was the last person to see him alive.

When the new Nate wakes up in the replication tanks, he knows he must have died, but with a memory that only reaches to his last memory backup, he doesn’t know what killed him. Together, Nadia and Nate must discover what really happened without revealing the secrets that those who run their world would kill to protect.


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Nate Hayes is a Replica.

The real Nate was viciously murdered, but thanks to Paxco’s groundbreaking human replication technology, a duplicate was created that holds all of the personality and the memories of the original. Or…almost all. Nate’s backup didn’t extend to the days preceding his murder, leaving him searching for answers about who would kill him, and why. Now, after weeks spent attempting to solve his own murder with the help of his best friend and betrothed, Nadia Lake, Nate has found the answers he was seeking…and he doesn’t like what he’s discovered.

The original Nate was killed because he knew a secret that could change everything. Thanks to Nadia’s quick thinking, the two of them hold the cards now—or think they do.

Unfortunately, neither of them fully understands just how deep the conspiracy runs.


COMING 11/11/14!

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Pre-Order from Amazon / B&N

Nadia Lake and Nate Hayes find themselves at the center of a horrifying conspiracy in this action-packed finale of Jenna Black’s SF romance series that began with Replica

From the author of the Faeriewalker series comes the stunning conclusion to the young adult science fiction thriller series that began with Replica and continued in Resistance.

At the conclusion of Resistance, Nadia Lake and the Replica of her best friend, Nate Hayes, found themselves at the center of a horrifying conspiracy. Framed for murder and wanted by the government, they have no choice but to go underground and seek refuge in the dangerous, gang-ridden slums of the Basement.

Jenna Black brings readers an action-packed final installment that will have them racing to the finish.
Sound good, right!!?

Make sure to check them out! For the rest of today, let’s learn some more about Jenna.


LITERAL ADDICTION - Chelle: Hi Jenna! Welcome back. I’m very happy to have you here again today. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with me…

JENNA: Thanks for having me!

LITERAL ADDICTION - Chelle: As you know, I always start by getting to know our guest author a little bit better. Last time you were here I asked you to tell me 3 things about yourself I couldn’t find out on the Net and you told me that you lived in Tahiti until you were 7. Is there a place that you absolutely would love to live?

JENNA: I used to do a lot of traveling when I was younger, and one thing I discovered was that no matter how much I enjoyed the travel, I always enjoyed coming home. So honestly, I don’t think there’s anywhere else I’d like to live than in my own home here in North Carolina. (I guess that makes me a homebody, but I’m fine with that.)

Q2): I also asked you to tell me 3 things that always make you smile and you mentioned watching The Princess Bride (me too!). Do you have a favorite quote from the movie?

JENNA: It is possibly the most quotable movie of all time, and you want me to pick ONE?? Inconceivable! (Ha-ha, get it?) I’ll refrain from picking any of the obvious, most-repeated ones and settle for one that never fails to make me laugh: when Vizizni is on the boat trying to get his crew to hurry and he shouts out: “Move the thing! And … that other thing!” I would so say that if I were a movie villain! I flounder for words all the time when talking.

Q3): You mentioned that you’re a ballroom dancer. Do you do Latin and American styles? What’s your favorite style to dance in?

JENNA: I do American style (as opposed to International style), and I do both Latin and Smooth. What I claim as my favorite dance changes at the drop of a hat (kind of like my favorite book/author/series does), but I’m especially fond of Foxtrot and Cha-cha. (In fact, I’m fond enough of Cha-cha that I once had a dog by that name.)

Q4): If I were to hop in your car or snag your MP3 player, what do you think I’d be most likely to hear?

JENNA: You’d be likely to hear a series of songs in completely different genres, leaving you completely confused as to what it is exactly I like. You might hear Rockapella, or Fall Out Boy, or Sarah Brightman, or 2Cellos, or Queen, or Carrie Underwood. I guess you can say I have eclectic tastes in music.

Q5): If you could spend the day with anyone – alive, dead, fictional, etc – with whom would you want to spend it, and what would you want to do?

JENNA: I’d probably like to spend a day with Elizabeth I. I’ve always been fascinated by women in history who managed to excel and hold power and influence despite the attitudes of their times, and she’s a great example. I’ve read a couple of biographies about her, so it’s not so much the details of her life I’d be interested in as the emotional journey she had to travel. So I’d basically just want to spend a day talking to her, asking her what it was like being the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. How did she deal with the horror of what happened to her mother and with her father’s changeable affections? And how did someone with her childhood manage to have the self-confidence to ascend to the throne and hold it for so long? She must have been an absolutely fascinating and extraordinary woman.

Q6): If your house were on fire, assuming everyone was safe and it was safe to do so quickly, what book(s) in your collection would you want to make sure and save from the inferno?

JENNA: I’d most want to save the books I have that are signed by authors who are no longer with us, because they would be completely irreplaceable. The first books that came to mind are WHEN GRAVITY FAILS by George Alec Effinger, which is dog-eared because I’ve read it so many times. Then there’s FROST & FIRE by Roger Zelazny, who was one of my instructors at Clarion West many moons ago. Last would be MAINSPRING, by Jay Lake, a friend who lost his battle against cancer earlier this year.

Q7): Congrats on the release of The Gifted Dead. I absolutely loved it. Was there anything specific that led to the inspiration to write the book?

JENNA: It was mostly spawned by a realization that (as far as I know) there were no urban fantasies around that were written on an epic scale. I figured the current urban fantasy market was pretty glutted with vampires and werewolves and fairies, so wanted to create a world with totally new magic, not based on any existing folklore. That’s usually the realm of epic fantasy, but I decided to do a new magic system and set it in the contemporary world. I like to call it a contemporary epic fantasy.

Q8): How many books would you like to see in the series?

JENNA: I don’t have a predetermined expectation. Because of the scope of the concept and the extensive cast of characters, there’s certainly the potential for it to be open-ended. How many books I write will mostly be dependent on how readers respond to them.

Q9): What was the most challenging thing about bringing The Gifted Dead to life?

JENNA: In some ways, the most challenging part was writing the less than 150-word back cover blurb, but I’ve already written an entire blog post on that here:

As for the writing of the book itself, the hardest part was juggling so many point of view characters. I’d never written a book with more than four or five characters’ point of view, and trying to figure out how to intertwine their various parts of the plots was definitely challenging. It meant I wasn’t always writing in perfect chronological sequence, which is what I’m used to doing. It also meant there were times when I had to move scenes around, which I also am not used to doing. But it was an invigorating challenge, and after writing quite a few first-person fantasies, it was nice not to have to make sure all the action took place right in front of a single point of view character!

Q10): What about the REPLICA trilogy? Was there any specific inspiration for the creation of that world and characters?

JENNA: The idea was originally spawned by my then-day-job, where I had the feeling that some positions within my company had an obvious heir-apparent rather than really being open to any applicant. That made me start thinking of companies as hereditary monarchies, and through the admittedly convoluted pathways of my mind, the series was born.

Q11): The Gifted Dead is out now, Revolution (REPLICA #3) is coming 11/11, do you have anything else in the works or coming soon that your readers and fans can look forward to – compilations, box sets, etc?

JENNA: The final re-release in my Guardians of the Night series will be coming out on December 23rd. This was the first series I ever published, and I’m really happy the books are getting a chance to reach a new audience. They have brand new, gorgeous covers, and I’ve done some minor touch-ups of the stories themselves. I had no idea how much I used to love (by which I mean overuse) exclamation points!

Q12): What are you the most proud of with regards to your career so far?

JENNA: I’m proud of the perseverance I showed in continuing to write and seek publication in the face of many, many years of rejection. The first book I had published by a major New York publisher was WATCHERS IN THE NIGHT (Book 1 of the Guardians of the Night series), and it was the 18th book I’d completed over the course of 16 years of trying to break in. I consider myself the poster child for “Never Give Up!”

Q13): What’s next for Jenna Black? What do you have going on in the next handful of months that your readers might be interested in – signings, conventions, online events, etc?

JENNA: If all goes according to current plan, next year will see the publication of my first hardback, a YA horror novel. I don’t know if my title will survive the editorial process, but for now the book is called ONE WITH THE NIGHT, and I had an absolute blast writing it. The tentative plan is for it to come out sometime in the fall of next year, but that’s still up in the air.
As for events, I’ll be attending the Coastal Magic Convention in February (obviously), and (as always) the RT Booklovers Convention in May. I don’t have any other public appearances scheduled at the moment, but I have a list of upcoming appearances on my website, so if anything changes or there are additions, you’ll see them there.

Q14): Is there anything special that you’d like to say to your readers while I have you here today?

JENNA: Thank you very much for all the support you’ve given me through the years. You’ve helped me through more crises of confidence than you can ever imagine.

LITERAL ADDICTION - Chelle: Jenna, thank you so much again for being back with us today. I’m thrilled to tell the world about The Gifted Dead and the upcoming REPLICA book, and I cannot wait to meet you in February!

JENNA: Thanks again for having me! I look forward to my first trip to Coastal Magic and getting to meet lots of readers and bloggers!

Want to meet Jenna? You can! You can meet Jenna, tons of other amazing UF and PNR authors, me and LITERAL ADDICTION’s other officers, other well known featured bloggers, and loads of fellow book addicts and paranormal junkies at the Coastal Magic Convention in Daytona Beach, FL Feb 5-8 2015.

Coastal Magic is a super casual, urban fantasy and paranormal romance focused convention in Daytona. With panels designed to start interesting discussion, and meet & greets with fun themes, we’ve got something for every fan. Join us for reader, blogger, and author shenanigans, and lots of “supernatural” inspired activities. Saturday’s charity book sale and signing is open to convention attendees, and FREE to the public. Come take a bite out of the beach with us!! Feb 5-8, 2015. Registration opened 7/1/14, so get your ticket HERE.

Keep up with all things Coastal Magic at the Website / Facebook Page / Facebook Event / Twitter / Pinterest

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[Archive] Spotlight, Excerpt and Giveaway for Kym Grosso_10.16.14



Spotlight, Excerpt and Giveaway


Kym Grosso

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[Archive] Series Spotlight, Reviews, Author Ambush & Giveaway with Christina Henry_10.15.14



Series Spotlight, Reviews, Author Ambush & Giveaway


Christina Henry

Posted 2 weeks ago

[Archive] Series Spotlight, Past Release Reviews, New Release Excerpt, Giveaway and CMC15 Promo for Elisabeth Naughton_10.10.14



Series Spotlight, Past Release Reviews, New Release Excerpt, CMC15 Promo and Giveaway


Elisabeth Naughton

Hello everyone! LITERAL ADDICTION is very proud to be promoting for the wonderful Elisabeth Naughton on the site today!

Before topping multiple bestseller lists—including those of the New York Times, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal—Elisabeth Naughton taught middle school science. A rabid reader, she soon discovered she had a knack for creating stories with a chemistry of their own. The spark turned into a flame, and Naughton now writes full-time. Besides topping bestseller lists, her books have been nominated for some of the industry’s most prestigious awards, such as the RITA® and Golden Heart Awards from Romance Writers of America, the Australian Romance Reader Awards, and the Golden Leaf Award. When not dreaming up new stories, Naughton can be found spending time with her husband and three children in their western Oregon home. Visit her website at to learn more about her books.

You can also connect with Elisabeth on Facebook, on Twitter, on GoodReads and via her Newsletter.

Elisabeth is the proud creator of the STOLEN, AGAINST ALL ODDS, FIREBRAND and ETERNAL GUARDIANS series. The latest book in the ETERNAL GUARDIANS series, Twisted, was just dropped on September 25th and I’m here today to help Elisabeth promote and celebrate!

For those of you not yet familiar with the ETERNAL GUARDIANS, I’d like to get you all caught up. Let’s start with the new release so it’s nicely featured, and then I’ll tell you some more about the other installments of the series, including what I thought of them. :)


Release date 9/25/14!

Buy from Amazon | B&N | iTunes | ARe

*LITERAL ADDICTION’s Review Coming Soon…

Nick –Leader of the half-breeds and the last true hero. He’s spent his life fighting a dark pull toward the gods. A pull he now knows is linked to his father Krónos and the Titan’s plan to escape from the Underworld.
But Nick’s hidden powers are coveted by more than just his father. Imprisoned by Hades, Nick battles every form of torture imaginable as the sadistic god schemes to break him. Only one thing is keeping him sane. One woman who gives him the strength to fight the relentless darkness. She has a dangerous plan of her own, though, and as Nick’s powers grow stronger, even she might not be enough to alter his destiny.
As the fate of the world hangs in the balance, Nick’s allegiances are tested. And no one knows whether he will choose to fight for good or succumb to the sinister lure of evil. Not even him.


“Scars are tattoos with darker histories,” Cynna said quietly, tracing the uneven skin to the edge of his lips. “I wonder what this one would say if it could speak.”
Secured in the chains, Nick waited for her to ask. Waited for more, but it never came. Sighing, she lifted her hand from his face and set it back on his shoulder, then her fingers gently brushed his back again in a languid, sensual way that made the hairs on his skin stand at attention and another shiver ripple down his spine.
“Your constant defiance frustrates Zagreus,” she said. “He senses you’re growing stronger. He’s going to double his efforts soon.”
Frustrating the shit-for-brains Zagreus was the only pleasure Nick got anymore. He scoffed. “I think he already doubled his efforts yesterday.”
Her hands skimmed across his shoulders, and gods, that felt good, like she was tickling his skin. He fought from closing his eyes and relaxing into the wicked sensations running up and down his spine.
“Yesterday was only a sampling of what he has planned for you. The females he’s trapped here are Maenad nymphs, trained by the god Dionysus. They thrive on sexual energy. He will use them on you again and again until you can’t take it anymore.”
So the nymphs weren’t willing participants either, just as Nick had guessed. They were prisoners too, being forced to do something they probably didn’t want to do but couldn’t stop once they got going.
Like Cynna?
Her touch made his mind skip to what she was doing now. And that made him think of what he’d endured.
Death by sex. Though Nick liked sex as much as the next guy and had plenty of his own dark desires—most centering around Cynna these days—the thought of being tortured like that, by those females, turned his stomach.
Her hands slid under his arms and around his ribs until they rested against his chest. Then she moved closer, her heat seeping into his back, her succulent breasts pressing against his spine, her lean hips cradling his ass. And feeling her so close shut down his brain function, brought his full attention to where she touched him, pushed aside every other thought. His pulse picked up speed, and heat shot from beneath her hands, to his belly and straight into his groin, making him even thicker and harder.
“He wants you to break,” she whispered close to his ear.

Marked, Book #1
*Info and buy links HERE

Entwined, Book #2 
*Info and buy links HERE

Tempted, Book #3 
*Info and buy links HERE

-Read my review-

Enraptured, Book #4
*Info and buy links HERE

-Read my review-

Enslaved, Book #5 
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Bound, Book #6
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Wait, before you enter to win, do you want to meet Elisabeth in person? You can! You can meet Elisabeth, tons of other amazing UF and PNR authors, LITERAL ADDICTION’s officers and other well known featured bloggers, and loads of fellow book addicts and paranormal junkies at the Coastal Magic Convention in Daytona Beach, FL Feb 5-8 2015.

Coastal Magic is a super casual, urban fantasy and paranormal romance focused convention in Daytona. With panels designed to start interesting discussion, and meet & greets with fun themes, we’ve got something for every fan. Join us for reader, blogger, and author shenanigans, and lots of “supernatural” inspired activities. Saturday’s charity book sale and signing is open to convention attendees, and FREE to the public. Come take a bite out of the beach with us!! Feb 5-8, 2015. Registration opened 7/1/14, so get your ticket HERE.

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Elisabeth is offering up some serious goodies for this tour!

To enter, find the Rafflecopter widget for the Event on our Book Blasts & More page through 10/11 follow the directions, take action, and mark as ‘Done’.

Good luck, and as always… HAPPY READING!


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