After creating LITERAL ADDICTION and interacting with authors for several years, I decided to mesh my 18 years of Quality Assurance/Business Analysis/Tech Writing experience with my passion for reading and officially start Freelancing as an Editor, Proofreader, and Book/Series Bible Creator. 

My vast work experience finding issues for a living and putting out quality documents that were used company-wide - along with my evident love of reading - speak for themselves and lend themselves to my qualifications. However, I did go out and get some certifications. I am an ExpertRating Certified Professional and have Certificates from UC San Diego | Extension, MediaBistro & Grammatika for Copy-Editing, as well.

So, if you're looking for quality BETA Reading, Proof Reading, Content, Copy and Line Editing, back cover blurb and front cover tag line creation, and/or Book/Series Bible (Compendium) Research and Creation at competitive rates, then you've come to the right place! 

It's no secret that editing your own writing is difficult, and trying to step back from your own work to dig in and find those typos, badly constructed paragraphs, missing punctuation, awkward phrases, incorrect word usage, etc, is hard - if not impossible. When it's something that originated from your imagination, your brain reads what it wants, not what 'is', most of the time. That's where I come in... I've been devouring everything I could get my hands on since the moment I could read, and have made my living for the past 18+ years actively searching out and finding issues. Those experiences combine to make a pretty great Editing tool, and as a bonus, I absolutely love to do it! What most authors feel to be an arduous process, I find to be an exhilarating challenge with the added benefit of being able to get lost in a story up to its smallest detail. It's my belief that with a little love and a little magic, together we can turn your already incredible writing into something truly beautiful. 

With the Bibles, I have a knack for picking out details that a lot of people miss, and am great at retaining what I've read (my friends think it's a little creepy that I can tell them what happened in a book I read years ago when I've read hundreds in-between). Add to that the fact that I'm an obsessive note taker and list maker by nature, and I can get you book and series bibles that should help you coordinate details, timelines, etc between books and eliminate unwanted discrepancies and potential plot scrubs.

So, if you think I might be of some help, please don't hesitate to reach out! You can email me, or contact me on Facebook and we can discuss further. I'm also available on Twitter if you just want to say 'hi'. :)



Literally Addicted to Detail


  • BETA Reading:  The definition of ALPHA and BETA reading across the industry is widely varied, and while most times I feel that BETA Readers shouldn't be paid, there comes a time when a BETA Reader is needed and those that usually do the favors for you as an author are unavailable. Because BETA Reading is time sensitive, taking on a job can cut into other editing jobs currently in progress in order to provide feedback as soon as possible, therefore, as a company, I find it necessary to charge for the time. As a BETA Reader, I will objectively evaluate the text, identifying its underlying form and provide personal reactions to flow, imagery, metaphor, symbolism, dialogue, etc (i.e: 'I don't think she'd say that there', 'this doesn't feel right to me', 'how did the character get to xyz', 'this part works wonderfully', etc).
    • PRICING:  BETA Reading is billed at the followingManuscripts up to 150 pages (37,500 words) - $75. 151-250 pages (up to 62,500 words) - $100. 251-300 pages (up to 75,000 words) - $125* (page count is determined based on the industry standard Arial 12pt font, double spaced format - generally averaging 250 words per page) *If the total page count is close to the low end cut-off, I will of course negotiate the lower rate.
    • RUSH:  If rush turn-around is needed for a BETA and I am able to do it with my other contractual obligations, an additional $20 for books up to 150 pages, $30 for books up to 250 pages, and $40 for books up to 300 pages is required.
  • Level 1 Proof-Reading:  In Level 1 Proof-Reading I will find and report any typographical, spelling, and punctuation errors, as well as perform an informed analysis of the work providing commentary and suggestions from a reader focused perspective (a BETA Read).
    • PRICING:  Level 1 Proof-Reading is billed at $1.50/page (every 250 words) (page count is determined based on the industry standard Arial 12pt font, double spaced format - generally averaging 250 words per page).  Level 1 proof-reading is only 1 pass. If a 2nd pass is desired, I will charge $.75/250 words for another read-through.
    • RUSH:  If rush turn-around is needed for a single pass Level 1 and I am able to do it with my other contractual obligations, an additional $50 is required.
  • Level 2 Editing:  In Level 2 Editing I will provide 'big picture' Content and Line-Editing analysis and feedback, plus detailed Level 1 Proof-Reading feedback (typographical, punctuation, and spelling errors). I will also report on any grammar issues, sentence structure problems, word choice, consistency of tone, flow of ideas, emphasis, dialogue, etc. This service also includes an unbiased Review posted to any of my usual 9 places online where the book resides after release (LITERAL ADDICTION's Book Review Blog, GoodReads, Amazon, B&N, BAM, Powell's, RT Book Reviews, LibraryThing, & Shelfari), and some online promotion either here on the Website and/or on LITERAL ADDICTION's Facebook Pages if so desired.
    • PRICING:  Level 2 Editing is billed at $2.50/page (every 250 words) (again, based on the industry standard Arial 12pt font, double spaced format).  Level 2 Editing is always 2 full passes.
    • RUSH:  If rush turn-around is needed for a Level 2 and I am able to do it with my other contractual obligations, an additional $100 is required.

      • NOTES:
      • If you were a client prior to 3/1/15, previously agreed upon rates remain as they were for past projects.

  • Book/Series Bibles:  In research and creation of a Book/Series Bible, I will read through your book(s) making notes of all character attributes, important setting information, timeline data, definitions and descriptions, important things to the book/series, etc and compile concise documents with all pertinent details, giving you zipped folders of Character files, Place/Setting files, Timeline files, etc at the end. Upon completion of the Bible I will also relay any discrepancies I may have noted throughout my research. 
    • PRICING:  Book Bibles are billed at the following:  $75/book up to 150 pages (37,500 words). $100/book for manuscripts 151-200 pages (up to 50,000 words). $150/book for manuscripts 201-300 pages (up to 75,000 words)*. *Books over 300 pages must be discussed in further detail to determine a rate, though I generally take the total page count and come to a total that's a combination of the rates above. Example, if a project is 2 books with a total of 180,000 words, I would charge 2 x the 'up to 75,000' rate + the 'up to 37,500' rate, for a total bill of $375.

    • **Notes: If the series is a combination of several books and novellas, we can work out a deal with the rate so that the novellas aren't the standard $75 rate, but instead a discounted rate along with the full rate for the full length novels. 

    • If you use Scrivener, please let me know. I prefer to use Scrivener to put together the bible projects and then share the final .scriv project files out on Evernote. If you do not use Scrivener and do not wish to download it, I can get you zipped folders of the files in Evernote as well, it's just not as auto-organized as it is if it's directly in Scrivener and shared that way.

      • --> Bible projects of more than 500 pages generally take a minimum of 3 months to complete, and can take longer depending on the level of detail in the manuscripts. I will take on additional projects, but because I can only immerse myself in one series at a time to stop from corrupting data retention there is a queue and bottleneck for bible contracts.

  • Additional Services - Cover Blurbs, Tag lines, etc*:  Can't figure out what you want as your synopsis on the back cover? Think it might be easier for your editor to help? I can do that! I'll create a back cover blurb for your new book and work with you until we have it just right. Have a back cover blurb, but need a witty or interesting front cover tag line? I can do that too. :) *These are add-on services done along with Level 1 and Level 2 contracts. Can be added to a BETA as well if needed.
    •  PRICING:  Billed at the following:  Back cover blurb - $20. Front cover tag line - $10. Both - $25. 
  • Preferred method of payment is Paypal, but I will discuss Amazon Payments, or Money Orders/Cashiers Checks as a last resort if PayPal is not an option for you. 

  • For BETA Reading and Level 1 Proof-Reading, the fee is due at the time of retention. For Level 2 Editing and Book Bibles, half of the fee is due at the time of retention, and the other half must be paid within 48 hours of receipt of the finished product (unless it's an addendum to a previously created bible, then the fee for the book(s) is due when the work is started).
Requirements and Method:
  • For BETA Reads, .doc, .pdf, or .mobi are accepted.

  • For Level 1 Proof-Reading and Level 2 Editing, I require a Microsoft Word or Pages version of the document so that I can turn on Track Changes and allow you the final say regarding accepting or rejecting my suggestions. Your document will never go further than my computer, and all rights are guaranteed.

  • For Book/Series Bible work, if I do not already have your books on my Kindle, I will accept .pdf, .mobi or print versions for use in research and analysis. The Bible documents that I return to you will be in .doc format separated into a folder, unless you have Scrivener as I mentioned above - my preferred method.

I really hope that we will be working together very soon. I want to be the bridge that lets your dreams become a reality. As a variation on what Ernest Hemingway once said: Just sit at the computer and let your imagination bleed...  I'll help clean up afterwards. ;-)


 *Resume and Current Client List available HERE or email literallyaddictedtodetail@yahoo.com.


 Some of my finished work: